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When I was working on BQu Services, I was responsible for carried our many technical researches to find out the best suitable attendance input method. There, I learned that there is no the best method as such but the tool must depend on the situation and the requirement. Hence, this was lead me to test many input devices and integrate them with the attendance management system.

I started with different biometric devices since it was the easiest and accurate method to capture attendance. Eikon Touch 510 was the simplest device I found, which was a USB connectable and portable device. ZK U160 had inbuilt memory which can be connected via a network connection as well as can data transfer via a USB stick. I tested ZK F18 Doorlock fingerprint device and implemented the system at London School of Marketing premises.

Next phase was to implement with NFC cards and it was a really challenging task since I could not find a decent how-to guide for NFC development. Once I implement this, I posted a Blog post regarding the NFC development and I still get tremendous comments and emails thanking and requesting development support. USB, Portable ACR122u device was simple but elegant NFC reader which comes with comprehensive SDK.

Then I was challenged to find a solution to long distance presence capture with RFID technology which I was amazed by the result. It was a great option to identify vehicles in the park or students available in the classroom. I used UHF Long Range Reader - DL930 for this experiment and I was successful.

Next input device was Motorola DS9208 Scanner which supports QR code as well. The SDK was straight forward and easily implemented with the attendance management system. Also, one of my clients had a lower budget and I provided a QR code reading system with the web cam. The system was reliable but little bit slower than a dedicated bar code reader.


Working with SDKs Technical Researches Fingerprint Readers NFC Readers QR/BARCODE readers RFID Readers

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Attendance Capture Tools

Multiple attendance capture tools tested and integrated for the attendance management systems

Date: From 2013 onwards
Category: Desktop Application
Technologies: Bio Metrics, NFC, RFID, QR, BarCode,.NET, C#, SQLite, MySQL