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This was a small project which my client wanted to be as simple as possible. Game manager scans an online store and a local library for games, It keeps a track of all the details required. User will be able to manage their games by reviwing details and screen captures of games.

The client specified the technologies to be using C# and WPF which was very reasonable for this application. Functions were not challenging but UI was a bit time-consuming. Ultimate outcome gained within three weeks and the client was so happy as well as me :)


RegularExpressions HttpWebRequest MatchCollection SQLiteConnection WebClient

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GameManager is a private game library. There is an online store of small video games and GameManager communicate with this online store and allow user to download, install and rate their favourite games.

Date: September, 2018
Client: Alessandro Porcheddu
Category: Desktop Application
Technologies: C#, .NET, WPF, SQLite