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Gobeezonline was facilitating a single place to grasp all the promotions and discounts around Sri Lanka. The project started with five friends including my self and we were quite successful in some stages but unfortunately, we couldn't continue the business due to varies reasons. So now this is one of Failed Startup business!

The business consists of five main areas as Accounts, Sales, Marketing, IT and Infrastructure. I was mainly responsible for the IT Section. my duties and tasks are as follows;

Website development, maintenance and changes implementation.

Website developed with WordPress and hosted in a virtual server. I was making backups periodically and lets the system runs smoothly.

Banners design and publish on the website.

Once the sales team gathered a promotional advertisement I am responsible for making a creative advertisement and get the client approval to publish. Some of the designed banners;

Monitor website visits and user activities on the website and report to the team.

Website visitor analysis conducted via Google Analytics. It helps to identify the most favourite contents of visitors, what are the age limits of visitors, From where they are logged in, how long will they stay in our website and pages..etc.
Google Search Console used to improve SEO capabilities of the website. Adding sitemaps, Crawling newly added advertisements resolve the issues are some of my duties align with Search Console.
Google TAG manager helps me to identify visitor activities done on the website. It can capture pre-defined activities to align with each item of the website. Google data studio all data from all the above tools and helped me to create dynamic Reports required. Created report sent out to the client monthly basis.

Check Created Sample Report

Conducted email marketing.

We had nearly 20,000 active email addresses on our database and I was responsible for the creation and sent out email newsletters, flyers and promotional campaigns. We used MailChimp and Sendgrid as email marketing tools.

Sample Flyer Sample promotional email

Clients and contact database maintenance.

I have developed a simple contact management system with Google sheets and using Google Apps scripts. Different sheets are connected to the main mother sheet via Google apps script. Child sheets status and other changes will automatically reflect on the mother sheet.

Provided varies supports for the team

I was responsible for the create a business process and explanation for the team. Support is given to the marketing team by creating a video to publish on social media..


WordPress PHP MySQL Facebook Page Photoshop Facebook Page Google TAG Manager Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Data Studio Business Process Documentation Email Marketing SendGrid MailChimp Google Sheets Google Apps Scripts

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GoBeezOnline is a platform that promotes all the discounts and promotions available in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately the business discontinued.

Date: Oct, 2017 to Dec. 2018
Client: Self Business
Category: Website, Social Media, Email marketing
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google TAG Manager, MailChimp, SendGrid

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