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This LMS simply allows coordinators to upload learning materials and allows students to access them and download. Anyone can comments and reply on the material which facilitates lecturers to conduct mini discussions with students regarding the topic.

Also, each material can be rated 1 to 5 stars by any users and data will be stored on the system. When a coordinator adding materials, they can attach necessary files. Users can download them and statistics will be stored on the database. These data will be used to create reports to the administrator.

The system developed with pure PHP without using any frameworks. Bootstrap used as stying and Javascript and Jquery support the styles. MySQLi is used as the database.


PHP HTML Bootstrap MySQLi JavaScript JQuery

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ITIL - Learning Management System

A simple learning management system which facilitate students to access learning materials.

Date: January, 2019
Client: Mr. Gihan Jayasekara
Category: Web System
Technologies: PHP, MySQLi, HTML , JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap